Legality of Paying Women less than Men
February 16, 2018

Is it Illegal for Women to Be Paid Less Than Men for the Same Job?

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We’ve been talking a lot about gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace as of late, and for good reason. If you pay attention to the news at all, you’ve likely heard stories of men in positions of power abusing and exploiting women (especially …

Sex Discrimination in the workplace
January 26, 2018

Signs of Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

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Discrimination is a serious problem – both in the workplace and in life. While most employers say they have strict no discrimination policies in place, we see it take place on a regular basis. Over the last several decades, there have been numerous Equal Opportunity initiatives …

Being denied a job because you're pregnant
December 22, 2017

Can I Be Denied a Job Because I’m Pregnant?

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Discrimination laws are in place to protect employees and ensure their rights are protected. Unfortunately, discrimination comes in many different forms, including gender, race, sexual orientation, and political opinion. One of the most common types of discrimination we see take place in the workplace is …