Workplace Violence Protection

Workplace violence creates headlines in the news practically daily. Robberies of store clerks, assaults on school campuses, or domestic violence that spills into the workplace are just a few examples of workplace violence. This type of violence not only harms employee victims and their loved ones, but it leaves employers vulnerable to liability claims. Especially these days, employers and employees across a vast range of industries find themselves in violent situations. In most cases, workplace violence can be categorized as:

● Violence by one employee upon another
● Violence by an employer upon employees
● Violence by a third party to an employee or group of employees

Examples of Workplace Violence

An employee’s place of work should be somewhere they feel safe and free from any acts of violence; from co-workers, managers and owners, or a third party. However, workplace environments are becoming increasingly dangerous and rampant with a wide range of acts of violence, including:

Sexual harassment and assaults
● Assault and battery
● Gun shootings
● Intimidation and bullying
● Assault with a deadly weapon – including guns, knives, baseball bats, and other dangerous instruments
● Suicide

Workplace injuries can take place during robberies, normal business hours, after hours, in parking lots of buildings, and in bathrooms of businesses.

Protecting Your Company Against Workplace Violence

Among the ways that companies can protect themselves, their employees, and their customers from workplace violence are pre-employment background checks, firing practices that de-escalate employee hostility, timely investigations of employee complaints, installations of building security and monitoring systems, and aiding employee domestic violence victims by obtaining restraining orders that protect the employer and the employee. While some industries are at a higher risk of workplace violence than others, it is important for all business owners to take protective measures.

Every single employer has the duty to provide an environment that is free from any known dangers to their employees and customers. Janovsky & Associates is dedicated to protecting all victims of workplace violence and any injuries associated with these acts. Having successfully litigated thousands of workplace violence cases throughout both Texas and California, Janovsky & Associates is prepared to do the same for you. If you need advice about how to minimize the risk of workplace violence at your company, contact Attorney Janovsky for a consultation. Attorney Janovsky will sit down with you and advise you on how to prevent workplace violence, which may include drafting policies to address any concerns, training employees on how to act in the event of a violent situation, and identifying early warning signs of potential violence. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact Janovksy & Associates today.

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