Wage & Hour Law

Violations of wage and hour laws are the most common claims in employment law class actions and litigations. Failure to pay minimum wages, pay for all hours worked, pay for overtime, or provide all tips earned by wait staff are the most frequent wage and hour complaints. Misclassification of hourly employees as salaried employees also gives rise to wage and hour complaints, as salaried workers generally don’t receive overtime pay. No matter what industry you are in, federal and state laws are in place to ensure you are properly paid for your time. This seems simple enough, but wage and hour violations happen on a regular basis to workers in both Texas and California.

Violations of wage and hour laws can be prosecuted by the federal Department of Labor, investigated by the Texas Workforce Commission, or subjected to substantial penalties by the California Labor Commissioner’s office. If you need advice about whether a wage and hour violation has occurred, or about how to respond to a wage and hour complaint and investigation, contact Attorney Janovsky for a consultation. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees are provided certain rights and protections. When an employer violates the terms set in place by FLSA, such as withholding pay or failing to pay for overtime, they may be subject to a class-action lawsuit.

Examples of Wage & Hour Disputes

Janovsky & Associates has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to fight wage theft. If your employer is taking advantage of you and depriving you of your earned wages in some respect, give us a call immediately. Attorney Janovsky helps people throughout all industries, including servers whose tips are being stolen by their employers, contract workers who are never paid, nurses who work overtime without pay, and construction workers who are not paid for every hour they work.

Janovsky & Associates represents individuals who find themselves in the middle of any type of wage and hour dispute. Some of the most common issues that arise include:

● Minimum wage
● Employee meal requirements
● Employee break time requirements
● Foreign nationals not receiving pay for their training
● Sales chargebacks
● Pay for shift changes
● Pay for holidays
● Pay for vacations
● Pay for travel time
● Wages for work at the start or end of a shift

These are just some of the most common ways employers violate an employee’s wage and hour rights. If you feel your employer violated federal law regarding your pay in any manner, contact Janovsky & Associates today. In these types of situations, it is advantageous to solve issues before they turn into more serious problems. With the assistance of Attorney Janovsky, your case will be handled in a timely and efficient manner. She will work hard to examine any employment contracts and relevant documents, to investigate your employer or other employees, and to make sure your rights are protected. If you find yourself faced with a wage and hour complaint, retain the savvy negotiation services of Janovksy & Associates.

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