Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

Regardless of the industry, a company’s trade secrets and internal processes are an incredibly valuable asset. In today’s evolving economy, it is of the utmost importance that these resources are protected. California and Texas state laws make it illegal for an employee to misuse or steal confidential information (such as client lists and account values), and trade secrets. If the information taken by the employee is used to create or support a rival company, it becomes illegal unfair competition. As our business economy continues to face new regulations and changes, companies must learn how to navigate the competition laws. Luckily, Janovsky & Associates has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help companies who believe they have been robbed of their confidential information or policies.

It is important for you to safeguard and defend your trade secrets and other innerworkings. Janovsky & Associates is extremely diligent and will work with you to develop strategies that identify, protect, and license any trade secrets, and will also pursue and explore claims of misappropriations and address any threats to your company; either from unfair business practices or trade secret disclosures. If you have been accused of unfair competition or would like assistance in protecting your trade secrets, contact Attorney Janovsky for a consultation.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Unfortunately, some businesses and individuals take part in illegal practices that aim to steal another company’s trade secrets or internal processes. When this happens, it can result in a wide range of claims, including unfair competition. Attorney Janovsky will work with clients on a regular basis to monitor how their intellectual property is used and protected against infringement, and has expertise at counseling clients in trade secret policy development to protect them from false allegations of unfair competition. Whether you are entering into a business partnership and want to protect your trade secrets, or would like to establish policies for hiring new employees, Janovsky & Associates is here to help.

Some of the ways clients are assisted in protecting trade secrets and protecting clients from unfair competition allegations include:

● Non-disclosure agreements
● Joint development agreements
● Contractual agreements to preserve trade secrets
● Strategic counseling
● Litigation and restraining orders
● Disclosure claims
● Misappropriation allegations
● Internal audits of intellectual property

Janovsky & Associates takes a tailored, personalized approach to protecting your trade assets, one that meets your company’s needs, and will sit down with you and go over your internal processes and determine where the biggest risks lie. In some cases, the physical security of your property will be reviewed, as well as your online databases. Whether you need an attorney to draft non-disclosure agreements that will govern how you share secrets with business partners, or are facing an unfair competition accusation, give Janovsky & Associates a call. Attorney Janovsky serves clients throughout both Texas and California and is prepared to do everything she can to protect your assets and ensure you are not falsely accused.

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