Employee Handbooks and Employment Policies

Having a well-written, thoughtfully-planned employee handbook and employment policies can go a long way in improving employer-employee relationships. This is because these documents are designed to inform employees of their duties, to clarify employer expectations, and to provide clear information about wages and benefits. Taking the steps to document employment policies and practices is the best possible measure to prevent any disputes or retaliation between employees and employers on a wide range of issues. Attorney Liane Janovsky is highly experienced in developing and drafting employment handbooks and policies, providing you with assurance and a peace of mind surrounding employee relations.

At the very least, a good employment handbook will provide straightforward guidance on what your expectations are in the workplace. In this handbook, you will be able to outline what you consider prohibited conduct, in addition to what you expect from your employees. This document will also go over how to proceed with complaints and assurances for prompt investigation in the event of a dispute. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to take advantage of the opportunity to inform employees of their expectations and procedures. In many cases, this puts them at risk for retaliation.

Protect Yourself with an Employment Handbook

Can a handbook or policy ever create an employment contract? The answer to the question may be very different depending on whether you apply the laws of Texas or the laws of California. If you need advice about whether a policy or rule can be enforced as a contract, or assistance creating and distributing policies and handbooks to employees, contact Attorney Janovsky for a consultation. She will work closely with you to ensure all your bases are covered and that you are protected, while at the same time informing employees of what you expect from them.

There are numerous tiny mistakes that can be made when it comes to drawing up an employee handbook, all of which can be avoided with Attorney Janovsky’s assistance. In some cases, a poorly worded section on your rights to terminate an at-will employee, for example, can become a contractual nightmare. Business owners often don’t realize that the smallest error in wording can influence what steps must be taken to discipline or terminate an employee. In other instances, some employers try to cover too much in the handbook, creating confusion and discrepancies between a myriad of documents.

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Employee handbooks and policies developed with the assistance of Attorney Liane Janovsky will help ensure compliance with both state and federal laws, and protect you in the event of a lawsuit, retaliation, or employee dispute. To learn more about how you can receive assistance with an employment handbook in Texas or California, please do not hesitate to contact Janovsky & Associates and schedule a consultation.

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