Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Explained

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May 15, 2018

NBC recently concluded their internal investigation of Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct case, determining their cable TV network does not have a culture of sexual harassment. Last fall the “Today” host was fired after an unidentified colleague filed a formal complaint regarding his alleged sexual behavior. Following the initial claim, three other women came forward with allegations against Lauer. According to several reports, several of the women said they reported the TV host’s misconduct to senior execs, but nothing was done. “Today” co-host Ann Curry also said she went to NBC management in 2012 following a situation involving Lauer and a female staffer, yet she was ignored.

Over the last six months, since Lauer was accused of sexual misconduct and subsequently fired, numerous other TV hosts, celebrities, and Hollywood faces have been slapped with sexual harassment claims. Last week you were told about the allegations against beloved NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, which was the last thing the network wanted. While dozens of women have come forward in support of Brokaw, the same cannot be said for Lauer.

NBC Conducts Internal Investigation Following Matt Lauer Allegations

In the months following Lauer’s unexpected departure from NBC, numerous reports raised concerns about the company culture at the television network. Because of this, they decided to conduct an internal investigation to see if the problem was deeper than one incident. The team interviewed 68 people in order to determine whether “news division leadership addresses inappropriate workplace behavior promptly and appropriately”. They were hoping to determine if there was room for improvement when it comes to workplace culture and the willingness of employees to come forward when they had cause for concern. The report findings stated:

“We found no evidence indicating that any NBC News or Today Show leadership, News HR or others in positions of authority in the News Division received any complaints about Lauer’s workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017. All four women who came forward confirmed that they did not tell their direct manager or anyone else in a position of authority about their sexual encounters with Lauer. Current and former members of NBC News and Today Show leadership, as well as News HR, stated that they had never received a complaint about inappropriate workplace behavior by Lauer, and we did not find any contrary evidence.” 

NBC has been the subject of some criticism for previously preventing investigators from looking into their workplace culture. Following the allegations against Lauer and reports from other NBC News team members like Curry, the investigation was necessary.

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