Mark Cuban Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

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March 12, 2018
The Allegations

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are showing no sign of slowing down, as more and more women are coming forward with allegations against well-known men. The latest? Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban. On March 7, a Portland newspaper reported that prosecutors chose not to pursue allegations against Cuban seven years ago, even after a woman told police he assaulted her at a local nightclub. Cuban is denying the allegations at this time. According to the report by Portland-based Willamette Weekly, Cuban and the woman met the Portland’s Barrel Room in April 2011. During a photo op between the two, Cuban allegedly put his hands down the woman’s jeans and “penetrated her vagina with his finger.” The woman went to the police and filed a report, and while the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office launched an investigation, they said there was not enough evidence to corroborate the woman’s complaint.

This is yet another example of sexual harassment that was overlooked, in all likelihood because of the power status of Cuban. However, actions such as these are no longer acceptable and these abusers are finally being held accountable for their gross abuse of power. The accusations against Cuban come just weeks after his Dallas Mavericks made headlines for yet another sexual harassment scandal. According to Sports Illustrated, former Mavs presidents Terdema Ussery is being accused of making sexual remarks to a handful of women during his 18 years as head of the organization.

NBA to Review Allegations

Sexual harassment is certainly nothing new in the workplace, but the way we are addressing it is. In regards to Cuban, NBA league spokesman Mike Bass announced they were looking into the allegations following the report by the Willamette Weekly. While Cuban continues to vehemently deny the charges, pointing to the fact,  prosecutors said there was no substantial evidence to verify the woman’s allegations, the NBA is thankfully taking matters into their own hands.

While the story may have slipped under the radar the last seven years, this is no longer the case. The same Sports Illustrated article mentioned earlier indicates that the Mavs culture is “rife with misogyny and predatory sexual behavior”, pointing to the alleged public sexual exploitation by the former president and domestic assault by a high profile staff member.

We will be keeping a close eye on this case, just as we are on the previous allegations against Steve Wynn and Ryan Seacrest we told you about. As a prominent employment and sexual harassment firm in Frisco, we have represented countless victims of sexual abuse in the workplace. While these stories may be getting a lot of attention from the news as of late, we know sexual harassment has been taking place for many, many years. In the era of #MeToo, no one is safe and inappropriate actions from the past are making their way to surface. This is an incredibly important time for our country, especially victims of sexual harassment. If you have been involved in a sexual harassment case or know someone who has, please contact Janovsky & Associates today and schedule a free consultation.

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