Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) and Staffing Companies

Professional Employment Organizations are a growth industry. Small and large companies benefit from outsourcing their payroll and benefits obligations to PEOs, particularly when it enables them to offer more employee and retirement benefits to employees. But since PEOs generally become co-employers of the Company’s employees, they assume liability for defending companies’ discrimination, wage & hour, FLMA and accommodations claims. Staffing companies, which are generally the sole employers of the outsourced employees, are also a growth industry. But Staffing Companies face liability for worker claims for activities that occur under the roof and supervision of the employers using their services. Liane Janovsky serves as an advisor and trainer on PEO and Staffing Company legal issues. Attorney Janovsky also offers the experience and insight to successfully litigate all forms of complaints and lawsuits that PEOs and Staffing Companies face.

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