what is whistleblowing?
February 22, 2018

What is Whistleblowing?

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Are you familiar with the term ‘‘whistleblowing’? You have heard it before, but weren’t quite sure what it meant, and you’re not alone. A whistleblower is someone who reports a violation of the law by his or her employer or discloses information he or she …

employee contract dallas
January 23, 2018

When Can An Employment Contract Be Terminated?

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Employee contracts are a type of traditional written agreement between an employer and employee that outline the terms between the two entities. They can also be verbal agreements and, in many cases, employee handbooks and policies govern the terms. While many people probably don’t realize …

social media law
December 11, 2017

Can An Employer Fire an Employee for Something They Tweeted?

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Social Media Law and How it Can Affect You Social media and technology rule our lives in today’s modern times, but can you really get fired for something you tweet or post on Facebook? Under certain circumstances, the answer is yes. While you may think …